Webcasting for the Enterprise: High-Quality Production for High-Profile Events and Execs

by Erica St. Angel on January 19, 2011

We're delighted to host Eric Hards, Lockheed Martin's Manager for Streaming Media Services, for our upcoming webinar, "Webcasting for the Enterprise: High-Quality Production for High-Profile Events and Execs." It's free - just register here before we go live Tuesday, January 25, 2011 at noon (convert to your time zone here).

Lockheed Martin has a long history of webcasting with Mediasite. Here's a case study and presentation by Richard Banse and Tom Aquilone from way back in 2006 at CTEC (Convergence Technologies Expo and Conference): Rich Media Multicasting at Lockheed Martin.

And Eric Hards has a long history of streaming - over 20 years of experience in multimedia production, with 6 years hands-on expertise managing the Mediasite webcasting platform within an enterprise setting. He manages Streaming Media Services for Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company and previous was Team Lead of Lockheed Martin's Enterprise Business Services Multimedia Solutions Group. Eric is considered an enterprise expert for Lockheed Martin's streaming media strategy, and he and his award-winning teams have produced corporate and executive webcasts all over the country. Eric is an industry expert in multi-platform publishing, streaming media and web design, taught for the University of California and New York and has spoken at Streaming Media, InfoComm, Intranets, Seybold, MacWorld, Comdex and our very own UNLEASH, the Mediasite User Conference.

Next week, Eric takes the mic to tell you how Lockheed Martin created a unique business and technology model for consistently producing live, high-production-value corporate webcasts for a national audience. Their approach not only eliminated any fear of going live with executive webcasts, but also led to a logarithmic growth in webcast production over the last 5 years.

Whether you are working with streaming technology daily or looking to kick off a webcasting initiative within your company, Eric is sure to motivate with webcasting tips and tricks to make your life easier:

  • What up front planning and testing he undertakes before each live webcast
  • How to translate tried and true video production techniques to the web for live streaming
  • Tips for developing strong relationships with both IT and other AV personnel, as well as executive speakers
  • Plus ways to leverage your existing infrastructure within your organization

Here's that link again to register.



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