Super Scary Scenes Streamed Straight to your Screen via Mediasite

by Nicole Wise on October 31, 2012

What’s Halloween without a little vertigo, a bed of nails and a really bad horror flick? 

It’s incomplete, that’s what. So we here at Sonic Foundry thought we’d share a few Mediasite presentations for your viewing enjoyment. Our apologies in advance for our no-budget film “The Slashing.” We made it five years ago. Be kind. 

During a physics class earlier this year, this University of Southern California professor decided it’d be a good idea to lay on a bed of nails while someone smashed a concrete brick with a hammer on top of him.  Did he survive? Watch this recording of his lecture to find out. (Bed of nails begins at about 1:31:00)

Everything you ever wanted to know about vertigo is in this presentation from Barrow Neurological Institute.  You’ll watch real case studies from people who suffer from vertigo, like the 57-year-old man who’s had two years of intermittent slurred speech and stumbling balance, as well as disturbed taste and loss of smell for several years. 

And finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The pièce de résistance. I give you “The Slashing,” our movie about three troubled webcasting technologies. Of course, Mediasite takes out the misguided solutions one by one. Enjoy and Happy Halloween! 



I love physics, but nails on either side of me with a hammer coming down...spooky.

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