Massive List of MOOC Resources, Lit and Literati

by Erica St. Angel on June 25, 2012

UPDATE 08.14.2012: This week marks the launch of MOOC MOOC, and given the insane amount of content that's already been produced, we're going to hold off on updating this ongoing list o' links. You can join in here, learn more here or follow along here

We've been following the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) movement for a couple years now because we and our clients are all engaged in online learning at some level, be it totally online, flipped or hybrid, or just lecture capture for on-demand replay. 

This spring, we had the opportunity to talk to many of our 1000 higher education clients at our Mediasite User Conference and other events like Sloan-C and UBTech. Through those conversations, we learned a ton about how they saw MOOCs within the online learning ecosystem, and we decided to share those findings in our June webinar, "A Practical Response to the MOOC Movement."

I gathered up everything we'd been reading, sharing, tweeting and watching into what feels like a Massive List of MOOC-ness. Even at this size it is by no means exhaustive of what else is out there. We hope to keep it up as the dialog, research and funding continues to evolve. And do take a sec to add your own favorites to the list.

A few godfathers and godmothers of thinking on MOOCs, connectivism, open education resources

Definitions and history of MOOCs in the media

Debate and discussion about MOOCs, open education and online learning

Research on MOOCs

Instructor experience in MOOCs

Student experience in MOOCs

Related writing on Open Education Resources

MOOC launches, backing, funding, startups and stops

MOOC-related models of credentialing

MOOC sites, classes and institutions who MOOC

MOOC-ish initiatives and open education resources from Mediasite users

And last but not least, here’s the book one of our webinar panelists authored on distributed learning:



Wouldn't you know it, the minute we post, another nugget comes along. Here's video of Bill Gates on MOOCs from The Chronicle of Higher Education:

Gerry McKiernan attended the webinar today and shared his blog/comment:

I maintain a blog titled _Alt-Ed_ devoted to documenting significant initiatives relating to MOOCs and digital badges and similar efforts.

It is located at:

Google offers "Power Searching with Google: a short course on becoming a great internet searcher." [ hat tip: George Siemens tweet ]

This just in from one of the MOOC mentors George Siemens via Twitter : Rita Kop's list

Thanks Steve - thoughtful post. Adding to our chunk of debate/discussion links.

You might like to add some research on MOOCs to your list. Here link to a number of papers related to MOOCs written by Helene Fournier and me.

Thanks Rita! Just added a new section "Research on MOOCs." Much appreciated!

I would like to point MOOC interested people to my online course directory . There is list of MOOC vendors and courses directory.

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