How to Engage Members, Attract Partners and Generate Revenue: The ROI of Webcasting for Associations

by Erica St. Angel on February 23, 2011

Todd Hutchings and his team at the Ontario Hospital Association have a fantastic ROI story to tell. They've told bits of it before, and it earned them not one but two Rich Media Impact Awards. But since then, even more has happened, and that's why we've asked him to take the mic in our Best Practices Webinar Series to present, "How to Engage Members, Attract Partners and Generate Revenue: The ROI of Webcasting for Associations." As ever, it's free. Just register here before we go live at noon central on Tuesday, March 22 (convert to your time zone here).

How did a small regional association engage members, create valuable new partnerships and generate new revenue without new staff or fundraising?

With webcasting technology, that's how.

The Ontario Hospital Association is a provincial non-profit that serves 156 hospitals and over 200 association and affiliate members. They started webcasting back in 2004 with just 5 webcasts, and that pilot has now grown to 112 webcasts watched by over 47,076 people. Todd Hutchings, OHA's Director of Distance Learning, estimates they are reaching twice the number of people they would through face to face meetings, and their organization is better able to respond to issues faster and more effectively.

But that's not all. The growing awareness of their live events increased awareness for their archived events. Knowledge center views doubled and partners - like IBM, Panasonic, Microsoft Dynamics, Johnson & Johnson and the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care - lined up to webcast with OHA because their outreach methodology was proven to work.

Join us for this live webinar and Q&A to learn:

  • How, in the midst of the global economic crisis, OHA achieved a 280% return on investment in less than a year, while at the same time providing more value for its members
  • What prompted them to begin charging for online education webcasts, who stood in the way and how they changed his mind, plus how they determined what to sell and at what price point
  • Why tracking results - registrations, live views, on-demand views and pay-per-views - is critical to your ongoing success
  • Tips for keeping up with the demand for new, high-quality educational content as the health system undergoes monumental change

About the presenter:

Todd Hutchings is the Director of Distance Learning for the Ontario Hospital Association. A graduate of multimedia and television production, with 25 years of experience in healthcare education, Todd has helped OHA become a leader in technology-based education, earning him two Rich Media Impact Awards for Healthcare (2009) and Rapid ROI (2010).

Here's that link again to register. See you online!



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