From Flipped Classroom to Dual Enrollment: How ENMU Achieved Campus-Wide Capture in 12 Months

by Tammy Jackson on February 18, 2013

Mary Fanelli Ayala, Ph.D., is set to take the mic in our next
higher-education webcasting best practice series. She’s here from Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU), preparing to face the frigid winter weather of Madison, Wis., and answer your questions as she shares how ENMU used Mediasite to achieve campus-wide capture in 12 months. The webinar is tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. Central Time.  You can register to participate here

ENMU is the third largest university in the state and covers a particularly large region. The entire eastern part of the state, to be exact. In the dean’s quest to make education accessible to the region’s traditional, non-traditional and dual-enrollment students (high school students taking college courses), she had to think outside the traditional classroom experience.

Armed with a Title V grant, ENMU devised a plan to support graduate programs and other key academic initiatives with Mediasite as the central educational technology to bring it all together. Join Dr. Fanelli Ayala, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, as she shares how they successfully met their ambitious timeline – from pilot to full-scale, campus-wide deployment in less than 12 months. She’ll outline the process of getting faculty onboard with some of the most ground-breaking initiatives in higher education including:

  • Facilitating a flipped instruction pilot. Faculty are exploring pre-recording their lectures for students to watch prior to class, leaving class time dedicated to dynamic discussions and interactions
  • Creating hybrid classes. Students in the classrooms and online interact simultaneously via live webcasts
  • Branching out into asynchronous distance learning.
  • Helping high school students earn college credits. New Mexico’s Dual Enrollment program allows high school students to take college classes, either on campuses or online, to earn high school and college credit.
  • Recording special events and guest speakers, providing professional development online, connecting alumni and more

“We’re just having so much fun with Mediasite. Our college is thrilled about the way Mediasite allows us to reach more and more distance students without having to give up a lot of the traditional feel of the classroom,” Mary said. “For many of our professors this gives them a much better option than the traditional text-based flat online class that has no video or audio component. Mediasite lets our professors do what they do best which is teaching in front of students even though they are far away.”

Mary will share her story live tomorrow. Here's that link again to register. You can learn more about her and the Mediasite program at the university here.



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