4 Tips for Writing Presentation Titles that Attract Eyeballs

by Erica St. Angel on July 16, 2009

Recently I was on Training Magazine's home page and ran across their "Our Readers Like" section. They list the most popular and most emailed articles.

I noticed some trends in the titles of that list - many of our most successful webinars have used similar kinds of verbiage. As you probably know, we produce a lot of webinars at Sonic Foundry and are always working to come up with better and more descriptive session titles.

I thought I'd share my takeaways here with you and maybe you can put them to work for your upcoming Mediasite presentation or event webcast?

  1. Numbers. Six ways. 15 skills. 12 mistakes. The 13 Most. The Top 10. (and yes this was the inspiration for the title of this blog post)
  2. Introductions. [Insert your subject] 101 (like Webcasting 101). Back to basics. Mastering [subject]. Back to school on [subject].
  3. FUD + mandates. You must. You need. When [subject] isn't enough. The [subject] You Don't Know But Should.
  4. Common turns of phrase. Gift that keeps on giving. Bupkus budget. Tis the season. Recipe for [subject]. (we just used this recipe one too)

Oh, and if you are like me, you always scratch your head when it comes to Presentation Title Capitalization. I've found a couple sites particularly helpful (here and here).

Happy writing! And please, do tell if you've got title-writing tips of your own?



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