10 Insights From Teachers on What Works in Lecture Capture

by Nicole Wise on October 5, 2012
10 Insights From Teachers on What Works in Lecture Capture

When I think back to college, there were a few professors who I’ll never forget. I was almost always in the student newspaper office working on the next issue of the paper with one of my journalism professors only a phone call away if I had questions. If I wasn’t there, you could find me in the photo lab’s dark room developing film. In fact, I credit my photojournalism teacher for creating such a passion for the subject that I pursued a minor in photography and graphic design. 

We all had a teacher like that at some point, someone who had a hand in where we are today. Be sure to take the time to think about him or her or send them a note today – World Teachers’ Day

Since we can’t recognize every one of the teachers on the 1,100 campuses using Mediasite, we’d like to highlight 10 who are using Mediasite to engage their students and impact learning in positive ways. For even more, check out “101 Academic Perspectives on What Works in Lecture Capture” for some more insights. 






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