• by Nicole Wise
    on December 28, 2012
    2012: A Year in Review

    (Photos: (TOP) The Mediasite Events crew is busy at work live streaming a conference. (MIDDLE) Leon Huijbers of Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands, is excited to be in Madison, Wis. for UNLEASH 2012. (BOTTOM) The EDUCAUSE 2012 Annual Conference is streamed via Mediasite.)

    As 2012 comes to a close we’re thinking back to all the exciting things that happened. There are just too many to name here, but we wanted to take the time to mention a few of the top moments and thank you for your support.   

    • Over 50 Mediasite users from Europe gathered in Amsterdam in January 2012 for our first-ever MUG Europe user conference. We had such positive feedback that we made it an annual event, and there are already over 70 people signed up for MUG Europe 2013 in January 2013.
    • We hosted another successful user conference, UNLEASH, in May and got the chance to spend a few days interacting with our fabulous customers.  Attendance continues to increase each year and UNLEASH 2013 in April will be the biggest event yet. We have so many exciting things in store for this year and we can’t wait for you to experience it! 
    • We’ve had the pleasure of partnering with over 100 organizations to exhibit, present at and/or capture and archive their events and conferences. Among the conferences we were a part of are UBTech 2012, InfoComm 2012, several Sloan Consortium conferences, InfoComm Middle East & Africa, Streaming Media East, EDUCAUSE, UCISA 2012 and ONLINE EDUCA. 
    • It’s been a banner year for us in the awards camp. In 2012 alone, thanks to all of you, Mediasite by Sonic Foundry has been recognized in 10 awards programs.  A sincere thank you to all who voted or nominated Mediasite for these awards. It’s so rewarding for us to be recognized by our customers for the work we’re doing. 
    1. University Business Readers’ Choice Awards; Mediasite: A Top Product in 2012
    2. 2012 Readers’ Choice Awards; Best Portable Live Streaming Appliance & Best Webcasting/Presentation Solution Finalist
    3. Frost & Sullivan; Global Market Share Leadership Award for Lecture Capture Solutions
    4. PCMA Convene Magazine’s Best of Meetings Industry; Mediasite: 1 of 5 Best Technology Tools
    5. eSchool Media 2012-2013 Readers’ Choice Awards; Mediasite: 1 of 10 Top Educational Technology Products for Higher Education
    6. Best of Elearning! Awards 2012; Best Video Capture, Production, Publishing Solution Award of Excellence
    7. IMS Global Learning Consortium’s Learning Impact Awards; Learning Impact Leadership Award - Tilburg School of Economics and Management’s iSTAR Learning Project Using Mediasite
    8. 2012 AV Technology End-User Awards; Best Interactive & Remote Learning System Winner - Tilburg School of Economics and Management’s iSTAR Learning Project Using Mediasite
    9. 2012 AV Technology End-User Awards; Most Innovative Install of AV in Healthcare Finalist - Videosurgery featuring Mediasite
    10. The 2012 Software 500; Software Magazine: Sonic Foundry named in list of world’s largest software/services providers
    • Last year our webcasting best practices series surpassed 100,000 views, and this year we hosted over 20 webinars featuring leaders in webcasting from higher education, corporate, government and nonprofit organizations. 

    This year’s most popular webinars include:

    Higher Education

    1. A Practical Response to Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS)
    2. Improving Student Outcomes with Lecture Capture Technology
    3. The Future of Video in Education: A Vision of Your Campus in 2013 and Beyond


    1. The Many Flavors of Hybrid Events
    2. Behind the Black Curtain: 10 Secrets for Producing Your Best Hybrid Event
    3. How to Market Your Online Event


    1. Copyright Basics for Online Presentations
    2. How to Produce Big Webcasts with Small Crews
    3. Go Mobile with Mediasite
    • And finally, our absolute favorite part is interacting and hearing from all of you. Here are a few of our favorite messages we’ve seen or overheard in 2012 about Mediasite. 


    Thanks for a fantastic 2012, friends! We’re looking forward to what 2013 brings! Happy holidays from our office to yours! 

  • by Nicole Wise
    on December 21, 2012

    The new year is jam-packed with a long lineup of conferences that we plan to be a part of, and the first one is already coming up. 

    The Mediasite crew will descend on Orlando, Fla. for PCMA’s Convening Leaders conference Jan. 13-16. PCMA (Professional Convention Management Association) represents over 6,000 meeting industry leaders from 17 chapters in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and participants of Convening Leaders include conference designers, educators, networking orchestrators, technology masters and entrepreneurs.  

    There’s a long list of conference speakers who will work with participants to shape the future of meetings and events. Our very own Kristin Zurovitch, director of marketing, and John Pollard, event services program director, will be among those speakers. Be sure to check out their session, “From Meeting Professional to Community Concierge: How to Engage Attendees 24/7/365,” 10:30- 11:45 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 15. 

    Invitation to PCMA Convening Leaders Session "From Meeting Professional to Community Concierge: How to Engage Attendees 24/7/365"

    The buzz is all about building online communities to engage attendees throughout the year. Through several group activities and interactions, Kristin and John will discuss who takes the lead and what channels and tactics are best. Before you jump on the bandwagon (or even if you’re already on it), discover how to maximize your efforts and leverage your event assets to keep attendees inspired and active year-round.

    They’ll help you:

    • Determine your community development role
    • Identify resources and tactics to infuse your community with quality experiences and interactions
    • Identify communications channels most relevant for your online communities

    This session will be hybrid, meaning there will be on-site and remote attendees participating together. It will be streamed via Mediasite to those unable to attend in Orlando. If you’re planning to attend remotely and are interested in experimenting with your hybrid experience, contact John at johnp@sonicfoundry.com. We’d love to include you in our interactive exercises.

    We hope to see you there (or online)!

  • by Tammy Jackson
    on December 18, 2012
    Live Webinar: A Conversation with Kenneth C. Green of The Campus Computing Project

    Campus IT priorities are changing — or are they?  Clearly campus IT leaders confront significant budget challenges and as well as the growing demand for additional IT resources and services:  going mobile,  maintaining IT security, supporting online instruction, migrating to cloud computing, enabling lecture capture, and also updating the institutional IT infrastructure.  Yet new data from the fall 2012 Campus Computing Survey reveal that core issues — the instruction integration of information technology,  IT user support, and hiring/retaining qualified IT personnel — are the top concerns of CIOs and other senior campus IT officers.  Moreover, the fall 2012 survey data suggest that presidents, provosts, and CIOs offer up very mixed assessments about the effectiveness of campus IT investments.

    Please join us as Sean Brown, Sonic Foundry's vice president for education, interviews Casey Green, founding director of The Campus Computing Project.   Sean and Casey will have a far-reaching conversion about the challenges that confront campus IT officers as well as the IT priorities that emerged from the fall 2012 Campus Computing Survey.

    The webinar is Tuesday, December 18 at 1:00pm Central. Register here to watch live. 

  • by Tammy Jackson
    on December 14, 2012 (All day)

    "UNLEASH feeds my creative side, and at the same time I discover my inner “tech geek”.  The conference is innovative and pushes the envelope on incorporating new technology – such as the conference’s new mobile app. I especially enjoy networking with people from all around the world and discussing ideas and tips. I leave knowing that I can utilize Mediasite and other technologies in many more ways. Sonic Foundry takes care of the details that make for an invigorating experience that recharges my “go get ‘em” spirit. I leave with the UNLEASH advantage. It is what all conference experiences should be like!"
    ~Mona Aldana-Ramirez, Director of Retention Support Services, San Antonio College

    In the past few years, Mona has used Mediasite as a versatile webcasting workhorse on San Antonio College’s campus, pivotal in everything from helping teachers excel to being the main communication line to faculty, students and the community. She regularly attends UNLEASH, the Mediasite User Conference to fill her well of ideas, and goes back to San Antonio College ready to execute on new applications and programs. 

    We’re hoping to see her again at our 2013 conference, taking place April 28 to May 1. Registration is open, and if you register this month you can take advantage of our holiday sale. We’re offering more than 60% off of UNLEASH 2013. To receive your holiday gift, go to sonicfoundry.com/UL13. We hope to see you there! 

    In the meantime, visit sonicfoundry.com/customer/mona-aldana-ramirez to see some of Mona’s successful and innovative Mediasite moments, and a fun UNLEASH MUG Jam. And feel free to check out what other Mediasite users are up to at sonicfoundry.com/why-mediasite

  • by Nicole Wise
    on December 13, 2012
    #3 Lesson From MPI’s Hybrid Meeting Research

    For the last two months we’ve shared with you the top lessons from The Meeting Professionals International Foundation’s research on hybrid meetings – events that offer a mix of face-to-face and virtual experiences simultaneously. 

    In October you learned that hybrid meetings will NOT cannibalize your face-to-face meetings, and last month we told you the most important thing you can do when holding a hybrid event is to have a rehearsal

    And now for the moment you’ve been waiting for – drumroll please. The third tip for all you hybrid meeting planners out there – Have Great Expectations.  That refers to the expectations of the attendees and the organizers. What the MPI research found is that they’re not the same. 

    According to Samuel J. Smith, one of the researchers, MPI asked hybrid event attendees what they want out of these events, and they said experiences like talk shows, news programs, awards shows and man-on-the-street interviews. All of those things mimic what you see on TV. Those models aren’t just speech after speech, and there are breaks where some analysis is done. So that’s the type of content you should aim to create for your online viewers. But according to the research, which was sponsored by Sonic Foundry, organizers almost exclusively offer their online attendees a lecture presentation with video, slides and a person talking. 

    If attendees are expecting the format of an awards show or news program and they get a lecture from someone in a two-inch window talking, they’re going to have trouble staying engaged. 

    Attendees want compelling content. 

    “They’re one click away from doing anything else on the internet, so if it’s not compelling first and foremost, they’re going to walk away,” Sam said. 

    Here’s a video of Smith discussing these great expectations. We’ll keep posting short videos with Sam’s tips here in January and February so keep checking back. You can also download the research at www.mpiweb.org/Hybrid

    Also, be sure to check out the Hybrid Meetings and Events Toolkit.

  • by Nicole Wise
    on December 11, 2012
    5 Things that Set Mediasite Apart for Events

    If you’ve got about five minutes, our very own John Pollard, Event Services Program Director, would love it if you watched his video about how Mediasite can help you with your next event.  

    What sets Mediasite apart for events? John says:

    1. Mediasite’s best-of-breed playback experience. From navigation options to high quality graphics and video to the branding and user interaction available, Mediasite offers the best rich video experience. It takes content to your desktops either live or on-demand and also streams live to IOS devices and on-demand to BlackBerrys and Androids. 
    2. How easy we make it on you and your presenters. You don’t need to upload presentations in advance and there’s no installation of software required. The Mediasite Recorder simply takes feeds from your content that is typically coming from a laptop, takes a video feed from our AV partners and a house audio feed. The Mediasite Recorder syncs that all and makes it web ready, streaming it out live and capturing it for on-demand simultaneously. 
    3. The amount of time, or lack thereof, it takes us to turn around your on-demand content. Since the live and on-demand content is captured at the same time, your on-demand content is available immediately following your presentation at the same URL. Plus, if you decide to edit before you upload the presentation, we can easily do that. It’s all available via the Mediasite editor located on the Mediasite Recorder. 
    4. Mediasite’s unparalleled search experience. Within a presentation you can search an audio transcript and the slides, and the Mediasite player will take you to that point in the presentation. Have a large body of presentations you’d like to search? No problem. Just enter a phrase and we’ll search all metadata and tags, as well as audio transcripts and slide content, and we’ll take you where you want to go. This is unparalleled in the industry. 
    5. The maturity of the Mediasite webcasting platform. Mediasite has incredibly detailed analytics with robust capabilities in terms of large events. If you’re doing 10, 20 or 75+ room events and want to keep labor costs down, we can help via our technology. 

    So what have we learned? Mediasite is the smartest way to deliver live streams, capture content and support your hybrid events. 


  • by Nicole Wise
    on December 07, 2012

    "What makes UNLEASH such an excellent conference experience is the willingness of all those who attend to share their ideas, solutions and enthusiasm. It doesn't matter what level of understanding you have about Mediasite, beginners and experienced users alike can learn valuable information from the variety of sessions, workshops and networking opportunities that are provided. The program also allows participants to share their insight with colleagues and Sonic Foundry staff on future product development and implementation." ~ Todd Hutchings, director of distance learning at Ontario Hospital Association

    Our friend Todd is a long-time attendee of Sonic Foundry’s annual user conference UNLEASH and is also a member of the MUG (Mediasite User Group) Steering Committee. He’s been using Mediasite since 2007 to enhance OHA’s established educational offerings, reduce travel costs and meet the growing demand for online healthcare training events. 

    According to Todd, “You can’t underestimate the power of webcasting.”

    “With Mediasite we deliver one message to our membership, which is then archived and it can be shared again. We’re able to record quality speakers to deliver a quality message which adds credibility and new revenue for our programs,” he said. 

    Todd’s shared his valuable insights with other Mediasite users at past UNLEASH conferences here in Madison, Wis. UNLEASH provides the most education, networking and creative opportunities to connect with other users, and like Todd, you’ll leave equipped to take your video program to the next frontier. 

    This year’s conference takes place April 28 to May 1. Registration just opened, and if you register this month you can take advantage of our holiday sale. We’re offering more than 60% off of UNLEASH 2013. To receive your holiday gift, go to www.sonicfoundry.com/UL13. We hope to see you there! 

    Also, be sure to check out all sorts of articles and videos from Todd about how webcasts helped OHA achieve 280% ROI at www.sonicfoundry.com/customer/todd-hutchings. You can also learn what other Mediasite users are doing at www.sonicfoundry.com/why-mediasite

  • by Nicole Wise
    on December 05, 2012
    Hurricane Sandy Clean-Up Safety Tips

    Cleaning up after a hurricane is risky business. Hazards are everywhere including downed electrical wires, falling trees and branches, being caught in unprotected excavations or confined spaces and encountering contaminated water to name a few. The Office of Public Health Practice (OPHP) at the UMDNJ-School of Public Health is using Mediasite to raise awareness about safety issues and talk about protective measures individuals can take with the clean-up of Hurricane Sandy. 

    When Hurricane Sandy hit, the OPHP recorded a webcast called “Safety Issues with Clean-Up of Hurricane Sandy” to make sure those participating with recovery and restoration efforts stay healthy and safe. The webcast covers specific hazards associated with dealing with the aftermath of Sandy and ways to stay safe while helping others. 

    A few tips include:

    • Be careful walking over and handling debris that is covered with water due to increased risk of slips, trips and falls.
    • Remain current with tetanus vaccination.
    • If you will be performing direct patient care or otherwise expect to have contact with bodily fluids, get the Hepatitis B vaccine series. 
    • Avoid contact with stagnant water.
    • Consider steel toe/shank footwear if available. 
    • Use durable gloves when handling debris.
    • Use hearing protection for noisy environments.
    • Know your medicines, allergies, and blood type. 

    To learn what else the OPHP has to say, watch the webcast, which is available to the public, on-demand here

    ** Stay tuned for another webcast on Dec. 11 about how to effectively protect yourself when working in a moldy environment due to Sandy. ** 

    Jack Caravanos, DrPH, CIH, Professor at CUNY School of Public Health at Hunter College, will present “Hurricane Sandy: Protecting Workers and Volunteers from Mold” from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Eastern Time. 

    To watch, click here. More Hurricane Sandy resources from OPHP can be found here

    The OPHP is funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). It’s housed at the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey – School of Public Health in Piscataway, NJ. 

    The OPHP works closely with public health organizations across New Jersey to provide training opportunities and purchased Mediasite about two years ago with an HRSA grant to record presentations so that it could reach a wider audience. Some of the other presentations include Diet & Nutrition; Environmental Health; Injury Prevention; Chronic Disease; Tobacco Control and Cultural Competency. For a complete list of topics and links to the archived videos, visit http://njphtc.org/

    Most programs are recorded via Mediasite for on-demand viewing by public health professionals, who then receive continuing education credits. 

    In addition to OPHP, Penn State School of International Affairs (SIA) is also raising awareness about disaster management via Mediasite. Last month, SIA graduate Ashley Francis delivered a webcast called "Disaster Management in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy: Up Close and Personal." Watch the webcast on-demand here

  • by Tammy Jackson
    on December 03, 2012

    UNLEASH 2012 Remix Video

    There’s a place where Mediasite inspiration soars beyond classroom and boardroom walls. 

    A place where for the past seven years the Mediasite community has come together to learn, play and explore new ways to push the boundaries of rich video...

    A place where users freely connect with one another to discover how to stand out and work smarter, better and faster than ever before...

    A place where Mediasite gurus meet, ideas are shared and creativity is unlimited…

    That place is UNLEASH, the 7th Annual Mediasite User Conference, taking place April 28 - May 1 at the Monona Terrace Convention Center in Madison, Wisconsin. It’s the conference with the most education, networking and creative opportunities to connect with other users and awaken the potential that gives you the advantage in the video world. And when it’s over you’ll return home inspired, energized and armed with the knowledge to take your video program to the next frontier. 

    If you register this month you get to take advantage of our special holiday rate of $395 (regularly $995). 

    And for an extra holiday treat we’ve just released the UNLEASH 2012 archive to give you a glimpse of the UNLEASH goodness.


    Come to UNLEASH Onsite and you’ll get a no boundaries, all access pass that includes a glimpse of what lies ahead for Mediasite. Plus, get into the minds of the Mediasite development team and take advantage of Mediasite Guru expertise. Need some 1:1 time? Schedule yours early because these coveted – and limited – sessions fill up fast. 


    Three tracks of sessions offer unlimited inspiration. Our enterprising slate of speakers from the Mediasite Community always bring their A-game and tips for you to make your own. New this year, Mediasite technical sessions (previously pre-conference workshops) are now incorporated into the conference program, allowing you to select the tech sessions that best fit your needs.


    You’ll never, ever, meet more like-minded video pioneers in one place at one time, and there will be more opportunities to connect with them than ever before. We’ve built-in more collaboration and crowd-sourced sessions, giving you the chance to ask your most pressing questions and swap best practices with Mediasite colleagues from around the globe. 


    We provide networking opportunities that put those other conferences to shame. This year is no exception. At the end of each day we plan to show you the best of what Madison has to offer, including new venues, new entertainment and an Adult Swim party at the Madison’s Children’s Museum. 


  • by Nicole Wise
    on December 03, 2012

    Many new freshmen at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (UWGB) have been introduced to a new form of learning this semester – flipped instruction, a fancy way of saying that lectures are pre-recorded and watched prior to class so that classroom time can be spent having in-depth discussions about the content. 

    UWGB, a public institution that’s part of the University of Wisconsin System, uses Mediasite by Sonic Foundry for these efforts, and this is the second semester it has been available campus-wide to students and faculty. Some faculty members are using the technology to pre-record lectures and others are using it to capture their lectures during class so their students can go back and review it on-demand. 

    The university created a special lecture capture studio especially for faculty who want to record either full 50-minute lectures prior to class or just short 10-minute messages. 

    Lecture capture at UWGB is primarily used to help support the teaching and learning process. That means students are still attending their classes like usual, but now they’re able to watch lectures before class or review them afterwards. 

    “Lecture capture is a tool that can give students access to experiences and content that they may otherwise not have access to, and it also gives students the ability to review and relive an experience. You can’t make somebody repeat an entire lecture just for you, but with lecture capture you can go back and watch again,” said Leif Nelson, manager of learning technology at UWGB.

    About 25 faculty members per semester opt to use lecture capture in some capacity, and another dozen use the lecture capture studio to pre-record content. The subject matter that is captured is all across the board, too. 

    Dan Schrickel, instructional technologist at UWGB’s Learning Technology Center, said so far about 2,500 presentations have been captured for live and on-demand viewing and they’ve received about 30,000 views. 

    UWGB also records virtual orientations, class activities, workshops and other special events via Mediasite, and there’s quite a demand for it. For example, it captures orientations for international students who don’t live in the country. 

    Leif said he and his team weren’t expecting the level of demand from faculty that they received. 

    “We have a lot more people thinking about the flipped classroom model and more people interested in capturing their own teaching than I ever expected,” he said. “It’s exciting that it’s started a conversation on our campus about technology in the classroom.”