• by Erica St. Angel
    on August 17, 2011

    Here's an interesting fact about NASA: while the Space Shuttle has been its highest profile mission, it is only one of 93 active missions NASA is working on. At least 1,000 workers plus 2,000 contractors across the entire country provide important services every day to get to the point of liftoff. The NASA Safety Center (NSC) is responsible for training these individuals, as well as providing safety assurance for NASA's most critical missions and some of the nation's most significant investments.

    But getting that high-level technical classroom training to thousands of workers is time consuming, cumbersome and expensive. After strategizing ways to reduce the costs and training timeline, the NSC decided to offer 95% of its courses via the web, and used Mediasite to capture and stream content on-demand to remote learners.

    Join John Marinaro, Director of Technical Excellence at the NASA Safety Center and Dr. Jim May, Program Manager and Lead Trainer for Alphaport, Inc., for a live webinar, "Building the NASA University for Safety Virtually Overnight through Course Capture Technology," Tuesday, August 30 at 12 noon Central (convert to your time zone here). To join us, just register here. Our best practice webinars are always free.

    They will share how their e-learning strategy:

    • Transformed a multi-year, multi-million-dollar training program into a streamlined curriculum design
    • Created a 24/7 training curriculum that would have taken 10 years to distribute inside traditional classroom walls
    • Serves a large, geographically-dispersed community of both civil servants and NASA contractors
    • Yielded a triple-digit ROI in the process

    About the presenters:

    John Marinaro is the Director of Technical Excellence for the NASA Safety Center. For more than 26 years, John has held management positions at NASA devoted to the fields of aerospace, radar, electrical and computer engineering as well as safety management. He was the former Executive Director of the NASA Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel and NASA Independent Verification and Validation Facility Chief Engineer. John is also a retired Army Helicopter Pilot and Aviation Officer.

    Dr. Jim May is the contractor lead for the Safety & Mission Assurance Technical Excellence Program (STEP) at the NASA Safety Center, at Glenn Research Center in Ohio. Employed by Alphaport, Inc., he manages a $1.8M annual budget and a contractor team of ten professionals dedicated to elearning course development and programming, coordination of instructor-led courses and managing curriculum on NASA's learning management system.

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  • by Erica St. Angel
    on August 17, 2011

    Ever wonder what keeps the colleges and universities who do the most lecture capture up at night? Sean Brown knows, and it might surprise you.

    Your lecture capture pilot may start in a single classroom, but if history is a guide, it won't end there. Perhaps no other educational technology goes from pilot to full scale deployment faster, be that building-, school-, campus- or even system-wide.

    When that happens - and it will - how are you going to handle security, storage or support? The majority of colleges have not considered the actual ramifications of creating, managing, storing and securing thousands of hours of recorded course content.

    Sean Brown, Sonic Foundry's vice president of education, has been to the future and is back to report how you will be meeting that challenge.

    Join us for a live webinar, "The Future of Capture on Your Campus: Lessons Learned in the First Ten Years of Lecture Capture," on Tuesday, August 30 at 1:00 p.m. Central (convert to your time zone here). It's free! Just register here before we go live.

    Sean will take you on a tour of three campuses who have amassed hundreds of thousands of hours of recorded lectures.

    Together, you will explore why they chose a built-in, wall-to-wall solution over software, the impact of that decision on faculty adoption and how they now meet the growing demand with limited budget, staff and time. Plus he'll answer your most pressing questions about what you need to do now to succeed in the not-so-far off future, including:

    • How to provision for prolific rich media content creation, including a checklist of policies and resources you will need once your lecture capture is ubiquitous and you find yourself sitting on a mountain of recorded classes
    • Guidance for writing your RFP with the proper scope for system-wide lecture capture
    • Ways to leverage your existing AV and IT infrastructure investments that support a long-term capture vision
    • What is the single most important feature to look for in a system-wide lecture capture platform that will serve you well, long into the future - storage, bandwidth, security, automation, support, content management, integration, mobile playback or price

    About our presenter:

    Sean BrownSean Brown, Sonic Foundry VP Education, started talking to universities about lecture capture a decade ago. He has 17 years of product management and education business development experience at IBM, Apple and Oracle before coming to Sonic Foundry. He's dedicated his career to helping colleges solve the problem of high-volume, classroom capture deployment. Mr. Brown is a past president and board member of the Hopkins Foundation for Innovation in Education. His core focus is simplifying digital media to improve use and outcomes.

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  • by Erica St. Angel
    on August 17, 2011

    Creating a successful hybrid event doesn't happen overnight and it doesn't happen in a vacuum. Victoria Fanning, a face-to-face meeting planner for over a decade, and now the Director of Hybrid and Online Meetings at EDUCAUSE, should know. She plans five major blended conferences, two multi-day online events, and numerous online seminars and webinars every year, with just about every possible combination of synchronous and asynchronous options offered.

    But she doesn't do it alone. Working as a project manager and liaison between multiple cross departmental teams, she consistently crafts hybrid event experiences that deepen members' online experiences while also reaching those unable to travel face-to-face, exposing new prospective members to the association, and elevating the value of the EDUCAUSE brand.

    Join Victoria for her live webinar, "Strategic Planning for a Successful Hybrid Event," Tuesday, August 30 at 11:00 a.m. Central. As always - it's free!.

    Victoria will share formal and informal processes for planning successful hybrid events that tie directly to organizational goals. She'll also take your questions live about both strategy and tactics, and discuss:

    • Key benefits of offering hybrid events, supported by real-life anecdotal and quantitative feedback from past online attendees
    • Why the attendance debate is over at EDUCAUSE, including data that will put to rest concerns about online events cannibalizing face-to-face attendance
    • Tips for deciding what to charge, what to give away for free, and when
    • The importance of video and streaming live for maximizing attendee engagement as well as the importance of online-only sessions and innovative communication strategies for building a unique online community
    • How to connect onsite and online attendees
    • Plus an inspirational toolkit that enables individual sites to hold their own mini-conference synchronously with your global event

    About the presenter: Victoria FanningVictoria Fanning is the Director of Hybrid and Online Meetings at EDUCAUSE, a nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education through the use of information technology. Previously, Fanning held the position of Director of Conferences, and has been a meeting planner for over a decade. In her capacity as director of hybrid and online events, Fanning supports the organizations efforts to build integrated and dynamic online learning experiences for its members. She oversees and helps coordinate multi-day blended and hybrid events; virtual exhibit halls; multi-day online events; and numerous online seminars and webinars. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a B.A. in History and Political Science. Here's that link again to register - see you online!