• by Nicole Wise
    on December 13, 2013

    This week we had the pleasure of having Scott Lawson of QAD visit our studio to present a live webinar “Google Glass + Mediasite: Consumer Video in the Enterprise.”

    QAD has been a Mediasite user since 2007 and has a long history of putting video in the hands of its employees. It communicates corporate trainings, education, global staff orientations, new software releases, employee news and corporate conferences via video. So when Scott was chosen for the Google Glass Explorer program, designed for people who want to get involved early and help shape the future of Glass, he immediately began creating enterprise applications for this wearable computing device.

    Scott sees Glass as a simple and effective video-creation tool that would tie in with Mediasite’s robust backend management system, streaming near real-time communication.

    For those of you not familiar with how Google Glass works, Scott gives you a glimpse in this demo.

    You can watch Scott’s webinar free on-demand here.

  • by Tammy Jackson
    on December 11, 2013
    Enterprise Video Awards

    Since its inception in 2005, the Rich Media Impact Awards’ mission has been to honor excellence in Mediasite integration into business, education, health and government. Winners and finalists have represented the best examples of how our customers are using video to work, learn and communicate better.

    2005 was a moment in time where YouTube was in its infancy. The iPhone and tablets didn’t exist. The concept of creating and viewing video over the web hadn’t exploded just yet. But thanks to the vision and dedication of our early customers video was about to grow exponentially in the enterprise.

    As we open the awards for the 10th year, and with more than 160 corporations, colleges, universities, government agencies and associations honored in this program, it’s clear that our customers are no longer simply creating rich media in boardrooms and lecture halls—they’re transforming video into the most valuable medium in their organizations. Now all video is part of the story. Mountains of it. It’s coming from every smart phone, desktop, tablet and event. From any user. And it’s all managed, tagged, searched and secure through Mediasite.   

    With this evolution we realized the Rich Media Impact Awards had outgrown its own name.

    So why did we settle on the Enterprise Video Awards? For lots of reasons. We’ve built an enterprise video platform. Enterprise is more suited to take on your mission-critical communications than YouTube. Enterprise means resourcefulness, ingenuity, originality and creativity. All things we consider when awarding our customers.

    The call for nominations for the 10th annual Enterprise Video Awards is open. Applications are due February 28, 2014. Apply now – we can’t wait to see what you’ve done with video this year!

  • by Nicole Wise
    on December 02, 2013

    Recently, Sonic Foundry and Center for Digital Education released the first in-depth, national survey of faculty perspectives of flipped classrooms. We presented the findings during our webinar Nov. 19 with Joe Morris of CDE. Watch the full on-demand webinar here.

    “Faculty reported that they were more engaged in their job and higher levels of satisfaction.”



    “The student benefits that we saw were probably the most surprising and most significant.”



    Learn more: 

    • Press release: “Flipped Classroom” Model Shows Proven Progress in Addressing Broken Educational Experience in the U.S.
    • E-Book: The Upside of Upside Down: Results from First National Survey on Faculty Perspectives on Flipped Classrooms 
    • Webinar slides
  • by Sean Brown
    on November 20, 2013

    First there was lecture capture. A time when professors could record their classrooms without changing the way they taught.

    Then came flipped classrooms – the lecture-first, discussion-later response to an increasing demand by students for a more personalized education experience.

    Now, for the first time, comes faculty insights into what it takes to deploy this technology-driven pedagogy, which is anything but teaching as usual.

    Sonic Foundry, in conjunction with The Center for Digital Education, announced on Monday the first in-depth, national survey on faculty perspectives of flipped classrooms. The model shows the overwhelming majority of faculty – 97% – report that their initiatives are successful. Watch our webinar, The Upside of Upside Down, on-demand. And be sure to check out the announcement and ebook with more details. 

     Click here to view larger version

  • by Nicole Wise
    on November 01, 2013

    Gretchen Kellerstrass, 18, was one of 140 students — only a handful of them female — from 10 Ohio high schools to participate in a dual enrollment program at University of Cincinnati. 

    “It was really exciting because we were doing exactly what freshmen in college were doing in engineering. Because of this flipped classroom program using Mediasite, I got to understand what engineering is. I never thought it was a possibility for me.” 

    Gretchen and her peers watched short videos from UC faculty using Mediasite, and their high school teachers further explained material and related it to their lives. 

    “It was nice to get a bridge between high school and college.”

    Students participated in a variety of hands-on projects to give them a first-hand look at the field. 

    “Engineering is basically a giant brain teaser and you have to keep figuring things out.” 

    Jobs in science, technology, engineering and math are primarily dominated by men, and this program aims to make more women interested in those fields by bringing college engineering courses to high school students. 

    “It makes me sad that more girls aren’t interested in engineering, but I understand that it’s not for everyone.” 

    For Gretchen’s full story, visit  www.sonicfoundry.com/customer/gretchen-kellerstrass and watch a recent webinar she did with Sonic Foundry: Solving the STEM Shortage with Flipped Instruction and Dual Enrollment.

  • by Nicole Wise
    on October 03, 2013

    We’re excited to announce that Streaming Media Magazine editors recognize Sonic Foundry as one of the most important companies in online video.  

    Today the magazine unveiled its ‘Streaming Media 100,’ the third annual list that names the 100 companies that have the greatest impact on the streaming media industry. We are honored to have been included on this list all three years. 

    “In the fiercely competitive streaming media space, these companies are doing jaw-dropping work today and leading us into tomorrow,” according to Streaming Media

    This year, the magazine focused exclusively on the technology companies that enable content creators and publishers to innovate and build their audiences. 

    A panel of seven streaming media experts decided the list. Thanks to Streaming Media for this recognition. 

    In other news, voting is now open for the 2013 Streaming Media Readers Choice Awards, and this year we’re nominated in a record number of six categories.  We hope we can count on your vote before Oct. 25. Feel free to pass this link along to other Mediasite fans, and sincere thanks for your continued support!  

    Awards, In the news
  • by Nicole Wise
    on September 25, 2013
    Meet Sonic Foundry’s Patrick O’Hara: Star of ‘The Night of the Iguana’

    (Part of an informal blog series on the people who make Sonic Foundry tick. See more stories here.) 

    Last weekend The Night of the Iguana by Tennessee Williams opened at the Bartell Theatre in Madison, Wis. There’s drama, seduction, suspense and comedy, and our very own Patrick O’Hara is at the center of it all. (Check out the trailer.)

    Patrick, Sonic Foundry’s Event Services Manager, plays the lead role of a defrocked Episcopal minister Reverend T. Lawrence Shannon in the 1940s. He’s leading a bus-load of Baptist women on a tour of Mexico, on the verge of another nervous breakdown.

    “It’s me on stage for two hours. There’s some seduction. There’s some genuine cracking up in the show. It’s a fun role, probably the toughest I’ve played,” Patrick said. 

    And he’s got a lot to compare it to. Patrick estimates he’s been in about 100 plays since high school. He’s got undergraduate and master’s degrees in theater from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  

    “It’s that rush that you get in live performance that you don’t get anywhere else. You get to do things you can’t do in real life. You get to go through something and hopefully the audience shares it with you,” he said. “I’m actually more comfortable on stage than I am anywhere in real life. It’s where I thrive.” 

    Patrick said amongst past roles, the one that stands out the most is The Lieutenant of Inishmore, a dark comedy about Irish terrorism. Long story, but it involves a rehearsal night at an old futon store on Monroe St. in Madison, his character holding weapons in front of two guys who were tied up, a scared passerby who didn’t realize they were rehearsing a play and the S.W.A.T. team. 

    “I’m glad they didn’t shoot. I guess there was a 19-man parameter. It was fairly serious. The media truck showed up and we sold a lot of tickets to the show after that,” he said. 

    Watch Patrick explain it all:

    What: The Night of the Iguana

    Where: The Evjue Stage at The Bartell, Madison, Wis. 

    When: 7:30 p.m. Sept. 26, 27, 28, Oct. 3, 4, 5; Sunday Matinee Sept. 29 @ 2 p.m.

    Cost: Tickets are $20 and may be purchased in advance through the Bartell Theater website: www.bartelltheatre.org or by calling 608.661.9696. 


  • by Nicole Wise
    on September 24, 2013

    Photos from Unleash 2013: (Top) Attendees listen to a keynote speaker in the lecture hall. Mark Dashper of The University of Auckland, New Zealand, gives a presentation during the Show & Share sessions. Attendees talk with Rob Lipps, Sonic Foundry's executive vice president. (Bottom Left) Octavio Heredia of Arizona State University tries out the hamster wheel during the Adult Swim reception at the Madison Children’s Museum. (Bottom Right) Todd Hutchings of Ontario Hospital Association navigates a maze at the Children’s Museum. 

    It seems like we just saw hundreds of our Mediasite friends here in Madison, Wis. for the 2013 Mediasite User Conference, Unleash, but time sure does fly. 

    It’s that time of year again! Registration for Unleash 2014 is open. 

    Unleash is the single best opportunity for Mediasite enthusiasts, novices and experts to collaborate, learn, inspire and push the boundaries of campus and enterprise video. We hope you’ll join us April 27 to 30, 2014, to meet video, online learning and webcasting experts from around the globe. 

    Register by Oct. 31 for just $495 with the fall promotion; that’s $500 off the full price. Can’t make it to Madison? Don’t worry. Unleash will once again be offered as a hybrid event, a simultaneous mix of face-to-face and virtual experiences. Registration for Unleash Online opens Nov. 1.

    Last year’s conference saw record attendance with attendees traveling to Madison from 35 states, Puerto Rico and 14 countries. Watch the video recap and session highlights from Unleash 2013 for a flavor of what awaits. 

    Read today’s press release for more info: Sonic Foundry Opens Registration for Unleash 2014 — The Premier Education and Networking Event for Mediasite Users 

    Also, be sure to watch for the Rich Media Impact Awards call for nominations next month and the Unleash 2014 call for speakers in November. 

    Register today

  • by Tammy Jackson
    on September 20, 2013
    The Cure for Common Corporate Video

    “At Alliance Benefit Group Financial Services we utilize Mediasite to help explain benefits to plan participants and to sell and market our services. It’s a very complex subject matter. We’ve had good feedback in the use of video to simplify that approach and deliver that complex message.”

    ~Mariah Lynne, Alliance Benefit Group Financial Services

    Find out more about how Mariah’s team uses video for corporate communications and marketing on her Why Mediasite page and in the on-demand webinar, The Cure for Common Corporate Video.


  • by Nicole Wise
    on September 13, 2013

    (Part of an informal blog series on the people who make Sonic Foundry tick. See more stories here.)

    You probably know Kristin Zurovitch as our director of marketing, the face behind the Mediasite Community and one of the founders and go-to-people for our annual user conference, Unleash.

    But not so fast, you need to add one more thing to that list: A gardener, both at home and in the community.  

    “I’ve always been a gardener. It’s relaxing for me and I just feel good that I’m eating healthy food,” Kristin said. 

    For the past 10 years, Kristin has been volunteering with the Madison Area Food Pantry Gardens (MAFPG), a local non-profit group that provides freshly-grown local produce to people in need. From spring to fall, Kristin and many other volunteers share their time to plant, tend and harvest five local gardens, producing more than 100,000 pounds of fresh produce each year. All the harvested veggies are delivered directly to area food pantries and meal programs. (Check out this recent article in Edible Madison featuring Kristin.) 

    According to the U.S. Census Bureau, roughly 12 percent — more than 60,000 people — in Dane County (where Madison, Wis. is located) are living below the poverty line. 

    “Many people don’t have access to fresh produce or healthy food for that matter. I don’t feel that financial situations should limit anyone’s available food choices,” Kristin said. 

    This time of year — harvest time — is always the best for Kristin, who currently volunteers at the Hershberger North Garden. “My favorite moment is when you’re at one of the harvesting events, usually taking place July through September. You’re out in the garden with several people and after about an hour you’ve filled the back of two trucks with tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and lots of other fresh produce. You think, ‘Wow, we did that,’ ” Kristin said. “It’s gratifying that we can have such a big impact.”

    Kristin is putting her marketing talents to good use with MAFPG as she sits on the board of directors and public relations committee. Their mission: to raise awareness about the gardens and how people can help.

    If you’re in the Madison area this weekend, she’s inviting you to check out what it’s all about during Garden Days, put on by the Community Action Coalition (CAC) for South Central Wisconsin, Inc. The annual event celebrates community and food pantry gardens with events for the whole family. Tour one or all of the gardens. Learn more here.  

    “Some people are scared of gardening. It seems like it’s difficult,” she said. “But Garden Days will give you a glimpse into how you can produce your own food very easily and how to improve your health, as well as your community’s health.”